Below FAQ are some common concerns of our clients before purchasing our products, if you have other questions, please just send it to sales@divineambience.com.au  
What type of wax do you use? We carefully create our candles using the highest quality natural soy available in Australia. We do not use any paraffin products in any our candles.  
Are the fragrances non-toxic Our fragrance oils are non-toxic cosmetic grade oils and are selected for maximum scent throw in both our candles and fragrance diffusers.  
What type of wicks do you use? We use only lead free cotton wicks in our candles. With regular trimming between burns, you should not get any soot marks around the edge of your glassware/containers.  
What are the blemishes that appear on my candle? As our candles are hand poured using natural soy wax, they may have small imperfections making each one unique. Any frosting or non-adherence to the glass will quickly disappear when the wax is melted and will not affect the performance of your candle in any way.  
How do the fragrance room diffusers work? The fragrance diffuser delivers fragrance with a distinct yet simple wicking system of special rattan reeds with tiny holes or the wick of a sola flower. The liquid seeps up though the reeds or sola flower wick, allowing the scent to fill the room. The diffuser uses high-quality fragrance oils mixed with a special non-toxic dispersing base. The ease of use and minimal maintenance and care has made the diffusers the one of the most popular products in room fragrance.  
How long will my order take to be delivered? We make all our products to order to ensure you get the very best. Turn around time is typically 1-2 weeks. This allows us to make your product, have it set/settle then arrange for delivery. We thank you for your patience in this regard. If there is any delay in getting your order to you, we will contact you personally to keep you informed of it’s progress.  
Are the candle warmers safe? Candle Warmer Lanterns are great for: kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and offices. Our Candle Warmers are Safe: no flame. Eliminates the dangers of burning candles indoors. Clean: no smoke or soot. Capture the light and ambience of a burning candle. Quick: the long-lasting halogen bulb quickly melts the top layer of candle wax to safely release the fragrance. Now you can relax in any room and safely enjoy your favourite scented candle.  
I have a problem with my ultrasonic diffuser, what can I do?
When you receive your ultrasonic diffuser, please be sure to keep the instructions in a safe place. If you are unable to troubleshoot the problem as per the instructions, please email us as soon as possible with your original order number and contact details and the details of the problem you are experiencing.  There is a limited warranty for these products and it may be still be covered under warranty.
I have not received my order, what can I do? We endeavour to provide you with a consignment note number when your order sent. Please check with the courier company in the first instance. If you have no luck tracking your order, please feel free to email: sales@divineambience.com.au or phone: 0459 140 209 during business hours and we can track it for you. Be sure to have your order number on hand when we speak to you.  
What happens if my order arrives damaged or I receive the wrong product? We undertake to replace any product delivered to you that is faulty, damaged or sent in error. If you wish to return these products/items, you must notify us via email: sales@divineambience.com.au and provide photographic evidence within seven (7) days. We shall advise what steps to take to return such items/products for replacement. Please choose your items carefully as we do not refund or exchange for incorrect product choice.  

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